Terms of Sale :

The policies stated below are the terms and conditions in which Global Computer Parts (will be referred to as “company” in this document) is willing to provide the services to the 3rd party entity (will be referred to as “buyer” in this document) provide computer hardware in accordance to the following conditions stated below. Buyer is expected to read the entire statements shown below and understand fully this agreement. By the buyer completing the checkout process and submitting payment for the products the buyer is interested in, the buyer acknowledges they have full read and understand the terms and conditions stated below. Buyer also understands they have entered into a legal contract with company and buyer is expected to follow the set stated policies. If at any time buyer does not understand or not agree with any or all statements shown below, they are not to complete the purchase and seek an alternate supplier to obtain products from. Company may at any time enforce these policies as they deemed without notice to buyer.

Buyer understands that it is his sole responsibility to read the entire contents of the terms and coniditons of sale. Company will document this agreement as proof that buyer has knowingly entered into this agreement and the terms of sale stated on this page can and will be used against buyer if company deems necessary. Buyer also understands company may seek legal action against buyer in the event of any instances of fraud via the filing of ficticious disputes and/or attempted mail order fraud being initiated by the buyer or any associated entities to buyer. As stated above, the terms and conditions stated on this page are legal and binding in nature. Any buyer who does not agree to this agreement or any part of it, buyer is to obtain product from another source.

Advertisement of Products: The purpose of this website is to sell computer related items to the general public in the selected areas of the world. The information displayed on this website is for advertisement purposes only. The information is to give the buyer a general understanding of the products functionality with specific modules of computing systems with the manufacturer of the product. The buyer must conduct their own third party research as into the compatibility of the product with the buyer’s computing environment. Company is not responsible for any compatibility issues or any other inconsistencies with the purchased product from the buyer with their computing environment. The pictures represented on this website are also for advertisement purposes only and does not constitute the actual product the buyer will be receiving. The buyer will receive the same or similar like item at company’s choosing.

Communication Between Buyer and Company: The communication between the buyer and company must be preformed via a dedicated support website. Buyer understands the only form of communication is via an online support site with any products purchased from this website. Company will not answer any types of questions regarding compatibility with buyer’s computing environment and the products being advertised by this website. Buyer understands completely the communication methods set forth by the company prior to any purchasing being made by buyer.

Customer Conduct: Company may refuse business with any entity without notice. All buyers are expected to display the proper professional behavior when communicating with company. At no time will company tolerate any entities that conduct themselves in a less than professional manner. Company will reserve the right to cease any and all communications with any party, if company finds themselves in a threatening position initiated by the buyer. Any attempts from buyer to who’s purpose is to disrupt the normal business practices of company will be blacklisted permanently from this site.

Company Operations : Company will cease any and all communication with buyer in the event buyer initiates any types of dispute with company or if buyer interfers with the normal business operations of company. The buyer has made the sole decision they no longer want to communicate with company is unwilling to resolve any issues in a professional manner with company. Since buyer made this decision to initiate third party arbitation, company will immediately cease any and all communication with buyer. Company reserves the right to use documentation, not limited to the legal agreement between company and buyer as outlined on this page against buyer to show the buyer entered in full knowledge of the terms and conditions company was stated and the deliberate violation of these terms by buyer. Company will not tolerate any attempts of buyer interferring with the normal business functions and will initiate the proper countermeasures against buyer without notice.

International : Any buyer’s who are from outside the governing of the United States of America, will be responsible for any duty fees and/or customs charges associated with the delivery of the product to the buyer’s country.

Item Condition: Products purchased from this website are system pulls from working computer systems from various sources by our selected vendors. Any products which are advertised as new will be stated in either the products title or in its description. Company reserves the right at any time to use OEM or sent buyer similar like items as long as they are fully compatible with the buyer's computing environment. Unless otherwise stated, items do not include drivers, manuals, or any other accessories.

Legal Contractual Agreement: As stated in our disclaimer above, buyer is responsible for reading the enter contents of this page prior to purchasing products from this website. By completing the checkout process, the buyer states they have voluntarily under their own free will an agreement with company based on the statements shown on this page. As a reminder to the buyer, these are the terms and conditions in which company has agreed to sell the product to the buyer. If at any time, the buyer does not agree with the whole or part of these policies, they are to purchase the item from another party. Company will reserve the right to legally enforce this agreement at company’s discretion and will seek legal enforcement against any buyer’s who attempt to commit mail order fraud.

Payments: Payments made for products advertised on this website will be processed by company at their discretion. Company may research information entered by buyer at any time without notice to determine any type of possible fraud being committed by buyer. Company reserves the right to refuse any payment from any buyer at anytime without notice. If company decides to process the payment, buyer understands the funds are not immediately available to the company. These funds are in pending status between the buyer’s financial institution and the company’s processor. Even though the charge may appear on the buyer’s financial statement as a pending charge or a cleared charge, the buyer understands the company may have not been paid for the item by either the buyer’s financial institution or the company’s processor. The buyer is also responsible for maintaining updated and truthful payment information at the time of purchase.

Returns of Merchandise: Returns of products will only be accepted for defective exchange with the authorization of the company. Buyer must contact company and obtain authorization to return the product within the terms of these policies. For any reason, any package(s) are returned back to company without an RMA or if the buyer decides not to take delivery of the item, buyer will forfeit the shipping & handling charges of the product and be subject to a 35% restocking fee of the product price.

Shipments: All products being sent by company or their respective vendors, will be shipped only to the buyer’s confirmed and verified credit card address. At no time whatsoever, will the company ship to any other location other then the buyer’s confirmed and verified credit card address. Buyer is also responsible for being present at time of delivery of the product to the address which has been associated with the sales order. Company will use the information which has been submitted by buyer on the sales order as the shipment address of the product. If the information supplied by the buyer is cannot by verified and confirmed by company, the company will not ship any products to the buyer and will not accept the order.

Technical Specifications: Company at no time is responsible for the claims made for any products being advertised on this website. The specifications, performance, compatibility and other factors of the product are the sole responsibility of the manufacturer. Buyer is to contact the manufacture of the product to obtain information regarding these factors with the buyer’s computing environment. The buyer understands company will not provide any technical information or assistance in the installation of the product being purchased by buyer on this website. Buyer will hold company blameless for any type of damage, data loss, or any other unforeseen events with any product(s) being purchased from this site with the buyer’s computing environment. Any times which require the physical opening of the buyer’s computing environment, must be installed by a manufactured licensed computer professional. Buyer understands they will accept any and all liability for any installations being performed by a non manufacturer licensed computer professional.

Terms of Sale: Any product being purchased from this site the buyer knows they are final in nature. Once the checkout has been completed, the buyer may not request a refund. The buyer will be notified of any delays in the shipment of product, if the product falls outside the company’s official shipment time of four to six weeks. The buyer may contact company for a refund if company fails to ship product after the six week time period.

Transit Times : The company’s official shipment time of products purchased from this website is four to six weeks from the processing date of the item. Buyer understands that once a product has been shipped and placed in the possession of a 3rd party courier, it is the courier’s responsibility to delivery the item in a professional and timely manner. Buyer at no time will hold the company responsible for any delays in packages once they have been given to the courier. Buyer understands fully any type of unforeseen events such as weather conditions, natural disasters, global events, may delay the shipment of the product. Also the buyer understands the courier may or may not process shipments during weekends or holidays, which may delay the receipt of the product purchased.

>Typographical Errors Misprints : Company is not responsible for any type of typographical error or misprints regarding the products or information being displayed on this website. If there are any such typographical errors or misprints, the buyer is to proceed at their own discretion into the decision of purchasing the product. Company strongly recommends, if there are such typographical errors or misprints, they either research the product via a third party search engine, contact the manufacture of the product, or not purchase the product until such errors are corrected by company.

Warranty : Products will have a defective exchange within 7 calendar days of the confirmed delivery date of the product. During this time, the buyer has this time to contact company to notify them of any such defects. Once it has been determined by company, the item is truly defective, buyer must obtain an RMA to have the item returned back or shipped to a location by the choice of the company. Company reserves the right to have the buyer ship the product back to a 3rd party source for an exchange. In the event of a RMA return, a set of instructions will be sent to the buyer for them to complete. RMA numbers must be clearly marked on the packages exterior and be returned no later than 7 calendar days to the address in which company has designated. The buyer is responsible for shipping and handling fees for the return of the product. The buyer understands, company will not reimburse for shipping charges incurred by the buyer, provide a return shipment label, or any other assistance with the return of the item. It is the buyer’s sole responsibility of the buyer to return the item back to the company or its affiliates in a professional and timely manner with all materials received at time of delivery. Warranty will be voided if there is any tampering, modification, abuse or any other actions taken by the buyer with the product. Buyer understands fully, they are to hire a manufactured certified computer professional with any products purchased from this website, if product purchased from this website requires the physical opening of the buyer’s computing device. Buyer understands fully, they will immediately void the warranty of the product and will assume complete and totally liability and responsibility if they attempt to install, modify, abuse, tamper, or install the product by themselves or by a non qualified manufactured licensed computer professional. If any part of the warranty policy is violated or if the 7 day calendar day period has expired, the item immediately becomes as is condition and buyer will assume all liability of product. Company policies are subject to change without notice to buyer.